10 Best Websites for Freelance Transcription Jobs

10 Best Websites for Freelance Transcription Jobs
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Best Freelance Transcription Jobs Websites

With a PC or laptop, an internet connection, and the necessary abilities, including fluency in the needed language, you should be prepared for the employment.

And if you do manage to get the work approved, all that is expected of you is to listen to audio messages and convert them into text format, therefore in order to succeed at the jobs, you must be able to multitask (listening while typing).


Scribie is perfect for novice transcriptionists who would prefer to obtain the essential first-hand experience before searching for full-time or more specialised transcribe work.

It provides straightforward online transcription work at a flat cost of $0.10 per minute, which is often short in duration. Despite the fact that the income may be less than what other transcription job sites provide, there are still many benefits, like great flexibility, bonuses, and the ability to accept prospects for advancement.

Additionally, the platform pays via PayPal with no minimum withdrawal requirement, making it simple for transcriptionists to get their money whenever they want.


Another user-friendly transcription job site for beginners is GoTranscript, which gives you up to 6 hours to transcribing a 10-minute audio file. Additionally, you have a wide variety of assignments to pick from with very flexible working hours.

There will always be a task for you to do because the platform is updated daily with new jobs, and your constancy will help you master the job. Additionally, the Support team’s skilled advice will provide you the chance to learn on the job.

At $0.60 for each audio file, the platform’s average monthly revenue is around $150. PayPal is used for payment.


The most cutting-edge transcribing service, TranscribeMe, also pays its transcriptionists at one of the highest rates. You have the best opportunities to take full advantage of the platform if you have experience in the legal or medical disciplines.

Additionally, if you spend a short while working on audio or video and complete it successfully, you’ll be eligible for additional microtasks. The training course is made available to you with the free registration, and you must pass an exam to demonstrate your competency in the transcription profession.

The working conditions at TranscribeMe are fairly flexible, and the hourly wage ranges from $15 to $22, with potential for growth as you get more expertise.


Athreon is more of a transcription organization that hires online transcribers with locations in the US and Canada for transcription work.

Among the several employment categories for transcription are those in law, medicine, academia, and the media. Each candidate must have at least two years of experience in the transcribing industry and a strong command of the English language.

Additionally, they are expected to work five days a week, completing 200 lines of script every day with turnaround times of between 12 and 24 hours.


For the standard transcribing jobs offered on the platform, TigerFish, a transcription company, hires independent contractors headquartered in the US. The candidates must be able to type at a certain level and have access to Windows computers with an Internet connection.

Short audio files in various formats make up the assessment test, and the document must be formatted exactly like a transcription. Individual interviews, police interrogations, and documentary film footage are all sorts of transcriptions.

These transcription jobs are more suitable for those who desire stable incomes but enjoy the advantages of freelancing.


To work with REV, you must be extremely fluent in English. To register as a freelancer, you must take the English proficiency test; if you pass, you will be contacted in around five days and given the option to choose from the available assignments.

However, if you don’t pass the test, you can take it again at a later time. You can schedule and manage your own job tasks as a Rev transcriber thanks to the company’s flexible working conditions.

The hourly rate on the Rev platform ranges from $2 to $30 depending on the transcriber’s level of experience, with an average monthly income of $245. PayPal is used for payment.


SpeakWrite pays its transcribers more, but only if they are very skilled and live in the US or Canada.

Additionally, you must be able to type at a pace of 60 WPM and be prepared to work at least 4 hours per week. For the open vacancies, you can submit an online application.

You can earn $20 per hour if you can type quickly. While the payout rate is 0.5 cents per word, you can withdraw your money using a check or bank direct deposit.


For trancribers who are interested in being compensated for trancribing local songs and lyrics, WeLocalize is a really intriguing prospect.

Therefore, if you enjoy listening to music and are skilled at singing the lyrics, this platform will provide you with a tonne of jobs while also keeping you entertained, and the best thing is that you will be paid well at the end of each month.

If you wish to join, you must fill out an application. If it is accepted, you will be invited to apply for open positions. To begin working, you must download their app. Payments are made by wire transfer and ACH, and they receive $4 for each lyric transcription.


SpeechPad offers its employees flexible working conditions with no set minimum work hours, as well as the opportunity to earn more money as they perform their jobs more effectively. You can filter the platform’s selection of jobs based on your preferences and make your selection at your convenience.

Although few jobs have precise requirements, the majority don’t call for many qualifications. For help with any problem, the team offers 24 hour support, which is available to newcomers.

The platform’s most obvious benefit is that you can earn bonuses as well. These incentives are awarded as you complete tasks and receive positive feedback on the quality of your work. Filling out the online application form for Speechpad is simple, and after it has been accepted, you can begin applying for jobs.

You can make up to $2.5 each minute working there, and you are paid twice a week. PayPal is used for payment.


For transcribers based in the US, Canada, and South Africa, Nibity offers excellent income potential. Even though extensive experience is not necessary, employment are still accessible for those with adequate computer skills.

It calls for transcribers to work on audio files for 30 to 60 minutes on average each day. You must submit an online application before taking a competence test if your application is approved. A Nibity representative will be in touch with you once you have passed the test.

The platform pays roughly 50 cents per minute, or $30 for an hour of work.


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