Anti-government protests start in Migori before LREB summit

Ahead of the regional summit, anti-government protests were organized by supporters of the opposition on Monday in Migori town.

People lugging cooking sticks, empty sufurias, and twigs gathered near the boulder-blocked Migori Town Bridge in a fit of rage.

Police watched as demonstrators incited them to fire tear gas as the gathering grew.

“We are out of the streets to call out the high cost of living and inflation,” Eric Opany, county ODM youth leader said.

Vehicles took a detour, as the bustling road that links Kenya and Tanzania was blocked.

Nervous business owners also shut their businesses out of concern for a wave of theft.

The protesters marched in the direction of the office county commissioner for Migori.

Traders are worried that the protests will get worse prior to ODM leader Raila Odinga’s deadline of March 20.

The protests come as the eleventh Lake Region Economic Block (LREB) meeting is approaching. It will take place in Migori from March 14–16.

The summit encompasses counties throughout the entire area of Nyanza, Western, and some of the Rift Valley.(Kericho, Bomet and Trans Nzoia.)

Victor Nyagaya, CEO of LREB, and Governor Ochillo Ayacko met last week and discussed their expectations for a strong attendance.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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