Body of senior DCI official discovered at Nyamira’s Manga cliff

The death of a senior Directorate of Criminal Investigations officer, whose corpse was discovered at the bottom of a cliff following a fall, is shrouded in mystery.

It is unclear whether Manga Sub County Criminal Investigations Officer Chief Inspector Isaac Thiaka committed suicide or was pushed from the cliff in Nyamira County.

His corpse was discovered on Friday evening a woman who was reportedly gathering firewood.

The woman allegedly saw the body and screamed for help, drawing the notice of many people, including police.

There were traces of blood at the bottom of the cliff, according to witnesses, and the corpse had a deep cut on the right side of the head.

It was determined that earlier Thiaka was with another policeman from the Sengera police station.

As it got close to six o’clock, the officer is said to have abandoned Thiaka and hurried to the station to lower the flag.

Police were informed by the policeman that he and Thiaka were outside the station when he excused himself to go lower the flag.

He returned after lowering the flag in the hope of speaking with Thiaka again, but he was not around.

He then reportedly heard the woman who had discovered the recently deceased body at the cliff screaming.

This caught his attention, and it was then that it was made official that the senior DI had passed away.

James Mutigo, the chief of the Nyamira police, said they are looking into the event.

He claimed that the cause of the fatality has not yet been determined.

“Investigations are continuing, but we still need to learn more about this tragic incident,” he said.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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