Bungoma man caught ‘in the act’ with a cow

Bungoma man caught 'in the act' with a cow
Bungoma man caught 'in the act' with a cow

On Wednesday afternoon, a middle-aged guy was found pants-down with a cow in Bukusu Village, Tuuti/Marakaru ward, Kanduyi Constituency, in Bungoma County.

Christine Wekesa, the cow’s owner, claimed that her son took the animal early in the evening to graze in the underbrush.

Wekesa later recalled that the village elder had told her that her cow had been discovered tied to a tree on both legs with manila ropes.

An eyewitness, Ignatius Khisa, told the Star on Wednesday that he had caught the man in the act while he was doing it.

“I did not know what the man was exactly doing, immediately he heard footsteps he ran away,” Khisa said.

Wekesa claimed that the act had never occurred in the neighborhood and he urged the police to take the perpetrator into custody.

Such a cow cannot be kept at home once again, according to Bukusu custom.

Village elder Nangekhe Wanyama denounced the incident.

“This one is a big embarrassment to our village and our county at large. The man escaped after he was caught but we are going to use all means to ensure that we apprehend him,” he said.

Khisa denounced the occurrence and urged parents to raise their children properly, attributing it to excessive alcohol consumption.

“Our society is rotten. I’m unhappy with how youths in the villages and towns are being raised. If we don’t become careful and guide our sons/ daughters then the future generation is spoilt,” he said.


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