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CoG and Treasury talks on revenue fall short of agreement

On Wednesday, Governors and the Treasury were unable to come to an agreement about the County Shareable Revenue.

The governors have remained steadfast in their decision to only accept Sh425 billion instead of the suggested Sh370 billion.

Wajir Governor and CoG vice chair Ahmed Abdullahi criticised the National Treasury for failing to reach an understanding with the Commission on Revenue Allocation.

“We express our discontent for the National Treasury’s failure to build consensus on the county equitable share of revenue despite the objective recommendation issued by CRA,” Abdullahi said.

“During the consultative meeting, the National Treasury did not form the basis for deviating from the recommendations by CRA.”

“As such the Council reiterates its position of Sh. 425 billion as the county equitable share for the 2023-2024 financial year.”

From the Budget Policy Statements for this fiscal year, he claimed, it was clear that the National Government had set aside a sizable sum of money.

The governor said that money had been kept by the national government even for devolved services like health and agriculture.

“The council is apprehensive that the continued allocation of funds christened for devolved functions to National government is an affront to devolution and the council shall not relent in its quest to make devolution work,” he said.

According to the National Treasury, the amount can only be raised from the present level of Sh370 billion to Sh380 billion.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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