Former Education CS George Magoha is dead

Former Education CS George Magoha is dead
Former Education CS George Magoha is dead

George Magoha, the former CS for education, has passed away.

On Tuesday, the former CS for education passed away at Nairobi hospital.

He passed away a few days after losing his sibling. The brother was a professor as well.

This Saturday is the scheduled burial day for the brother.

Prof. Magoha, a graduate of DR Livingstone Primary School and Starehe Boys Centre and School, earned a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Strathmore College and the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

Before entering the University of Nairobi in 1988 and eventually becoming a full professor there in 2000, his path to greatness started as an intern at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and progressed to senior resident and clinical lecturer in surgery.

According to Magoha’s 91-page CV, he has deep roots in the education industry and a passion and energy for carrying out duties in a precise and professional manner.

He earned the moniker “Buffalo” at The University of Nairobi, where he held the position of Vice-Chancellor, for his willingness to confront anyone who offended him.

He takes great pleasure in a number of accomplishments, including being the first vice-chancellor to be chosen through a competitive process and having overseen the development of 22-story university towers to an 80 percent level.

At Kenya’s first university, student disturbances that had grown routine were put under control during his administration.

He was appointed as the KNEC chair with the direct duty of clearing up the mess and regaining sanity at the organization accused of failing to control exam irregularities due to his boldness, severe, and no-nonsense personality.

With the dissolution of the KNEC board, Magoha had to retrace his steps in his quest to restore the integrity of the council. His challenging tasks included cleaning up the trash at KNEC and taking on examination cartels that were raking in millions of shillings from candidates and school administrators for exam leakages.

The neurosurgeon’s intimidating to-do list included the standard musical chairs game of trying to fill the gap left.

But if statistics are reliable, they show that there is a significant improvement in the fight against cartels and exam cheating during his era compared to the period before.


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