How to Turn on Location Services on a Mac

How to Turn on Location Services on a Mac
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How to activate Location Services on a Mac is explained in this article. Additionally, it examines how to modify Location Services settings so that only particular programmes and websites can access the function. The article’s conclusion examines the reasons you would want to enable Location Services.

How to Turn on Location Services on a Mac

Here is how to turn location services on a Mac

1. Click the Apple icon on the menu bar.

2. Click System Preferences.

3. Click Security & Privacy.

4. Click Privacy.

5. Click the lock in the bottom left corner.

6. Enter your Mac’s password and click Unlock.

7. Tick Enable Location Services.

How to Adjust Which Apps Use Location Services

After enabling Location Services, you can modify which apps are permitted to use the functionality and which are not. If you only want one app to use Location Services, it might be helpful. How to change which apps can access location services is provided here.

1. On Security & Privacy, click Privacy.

2. Click Location Services.

3. Click the lock in the bottom left corner to be able to change settings.

4. Enter your Mac’s password and click Unlock.

5. Check apps you wish to use Location Services. Untick apps you don’t want to have access to your location.

6. Click the lock again to save the settings.

How to Check When Location Services Is in Use

Knowing whether an app is using Location Services is helpful if you’ve enabled that functionality. Here’s how to make sure you always have a clear view of what’s happening.

1. From the Location Services section of Security & Privacy, click System Services > Details.

2. Tick Show location icon in menu bar to ensure an icon is always displayed on the menu bar when Location Services are being used.

3. You can also choose to tick or untick other options under Allow System Services to determine your location to change what parts of your Mac can access your location.

Why Location Services Is Useful on a Mac

Location Services includes various beneficial features as well as some drawbacks. Why might you want to enable Location Services? Let’s take a look.

1. To track your Mac. Find My Mac relies on Location Services so it can track where your Mac is at all times. It’s one of the best reasons to have Location Services enabled, at least for one app.

2. To gain more relevant information. If you use Google Maps or Apple Maps on your Mac, you can immediately see your current location without having to enter it manually.

3. To receive location-based suggestions. Siri suggestions and Safari suggestions depend on Location Services to offer you relevant suggestions. It can save you time and give you better ideas.

4. To make something more personal. Use Twitter or other social media platforms? Being able to have your city or region listed alongside your posts automatically can help you receive more personal information and insight, although it can make you feel more open to harassment too.


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