Judge reduces defendants’ death sentences to life in prison

Two men who committed a violent robbery and were given the death penalty will now serve life sentences.

This came about after a Narok court reduced the death penalty to life in prison.

Joshua Kobia and Dennis Kareithi had requested a review of their death sentences in order to receive a less severe punishment.

According to Justice Gikonyo, when reevaluating the punishment, he had to take into account how the offence was committed.

In this particular instance, he claimed, the robbery was carried out in a harsh manner, and hazardous weapons were employed.

The court added that it had taken into account how to keep society safe from criminals.

“In the circumstances of this case the deterrent sentence is most appropriate” the court ruled.

Evidence in the case indicated that the inmates robbed two victims at gunpoint while brandishing a firearm. They used genuine violence against the victims at the time of the robbery, taking Sh23,400, a phone, and four jackets.

The defendants were found in possession of the victims’ stolen property, and the court stated that they were unable to explain how they came into possession of the items.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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