Kabando: Raila’s ultimatum may bring about a fresh dawn

The ultimatum issued by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to the Kenya Kwanza government has been hailed by former Mukurwe-ini MP Kabando wa Kabando as having the potential to usher in a new era for the nation.

President William Ruto and his government have until midnight on Wednesday to comply with Raila’s 14-day ultimatum to lower living expenses or face widespread protests.

According to Kabando, a new order will emerge if what Raila is promoting is for the benefit of all Kenyans and not just for personal advantage.

“Raila’s midnight ultimatum can put Kenya on a new political threshold, a new dispensation – new trenches – only and only if Raila focuses not on his personal travails but on the broader agenda for the welfare of deceived, disenchanted and desperate hustlers. Things Fall Apart,” the former legislator said in a series of statements on Twitter.

Pressure will be applied on Ruto’s administration by Raila and his Azimio supporters until the government takes action to save Kenyans from the current economic crisis.

On Wednesday, Azimio said they would organise Kenyans to attack government buildings and demand answers.

“When will prices of essential commodities come down? What is the plan? Can the plan be shared with Kenyans,” Azimio leaders said during a press conference at Chungwa House.

The officials claimed that Kenyans do not pay the government to explain what went wrong or who is to blame.

They claimed that Kenyans already knew the source of the issue and did not require permanent secretaries or cabinet secretaries to inform them.

“We want answers and if they do not come in the next few days, we will have no option but to lead our supporters into these offices for answers. We will follow these officers anywhere and everywhere for answers and not warnings,” they said.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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