Karua tells supporters to wear white handkerchiefs on March 20

Leaders of the Azimio coalition are prepping their followers for the March 20th demonstration.

The team led by Raila Odinga, the head of the opposition, conducted a public baraza on Monday in Mtwapa.

Speaking to the public, Martha Karua, the leader of Narc Kenya, encouraged those who intended to participate in the protests to uphold peace and do so within the boundaries of the law.

“Nataka tuelewane ya kwamba sisi tutakuwa tukifanya ile katiba imeturuhusu. Wale mtajitokeza tarehe 20, iwe ni hapa Kilifi, iwe ni Nairobi, tafuta kitambaa ya white ya kumaanisha sisi ni watu wa amani,” she said.

Insisting that they are experiencing the same destiny as every other Kenyan, Karua pleaded with law enforcement officials to permit Kenyans to continue their protests.

“We want our police to stand aside and let Kenyans exercise their freedom and cleanse our country,” she said.

“A message to the police. There is no relief for the police or the Army officers. Your needs are Kenyans’ needs. Let us unite and cleanse our country.”

Following the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum for the Kenya Kwanza government, Raila and his team on Thursday started an initiative dubbed Movement for Defence of Democracy.

Raila will take the lead in nationwide demonstrations as part of the plan.

“Those 14 days elapsed last midnight with Kenya Kwanza having done absolutely nothing. Today, we make good our promise to Ruto and his illegitimate Kenya Kwanza regime. We unleash the people’s power for action and launch the Movement for Defence of Democracy,” he said on Thursday.

The high cost of living, excessive taxes, the IEBC’s ongoing reorganization, electoral fraud, and the victimization of four IEBC members are a few of the problems mentioned.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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