Leaders warned that Azimio will not put up with betrayal

Azimio la Umoja has maintained its stance that it will not put up with any treachery by any of its elected officials.

Members of the Coalition were instructed to leave if they weren’t prepared to abide by party regulations.

“In this struggle, we shall not tolerate acts that amount to betrayal of the dreams and aspirations of the people of Kenya.  Azimio, therefore, asks its elected leaders to shape up or ship out,” confirms the resolution from the leaders.

Following the completion of a two-day parliamentary group meeting in Machakos, the decision was made.

“There will be no two ways about this.”

Instead of meeting with President William Ruto, the leaders were instructed to advocate for the development of their districts in Parliament.

“Development is to be sought from Parliament which appropriates resources and not from State House. State House has no constitutional mandate or power to appropriate funds,” the draft states.

“The flirtations and co-habitations with the Kenya Kwanza regime under whatever pretext is totally unacceptable.”

The announcement followed a visit from nine MPs to Statehouse earlier this week.

Leaders that visited State House to meet President William Ruto, according to Azimio leader Raila Odinga, are traitors.

Raila stated at the outfits PG that they ought to leave the party and the Azimio coalition.

“Members who defected from Azimio need to resign their position and go,” he said.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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