MCK calls on political figures to cease intimidating journalists

Government officials have been exhorted by the Media Council of Kenya to stop intimidating journalists and discouraging them from covering significant stories.

MCK expressed its worry about public comments made by important government figures disparaging the media at public gatherings through a statement on Friday.

“Such statements put journalists at risk as they may be attacked by members of the public. These attacks undermine the freedom of the press and attempt to undermine the role of the press in holding the government accountable” the statement read.

MCK’s CEO David Omwoyo said attacks on journalists erode public trust in the media by creating an atmosphere of distrust.

“The Council is urging leaders to stop intimidating journalists and discouraging them from reporting on important stories, which undermines the ability of the press to fulfill its role in society,” he said. 

“We urge leaders to refrain from making statements attacking the media in public. Instead, they should work to foster a climate of mutual respect and collaboration with the press, which can help to strengthen democracy and promote the public good.”

The council also urged officials and members of the public who were offended by the media to submit their grievances.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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