Parents caned by students for assaulting principal

On Thursday, students at Karachuonyo constituency’s Otok Mixed Secondary School caned and chased away some parents for reportedly assaulting their principal.

The parents had invaded the school to remove their recently appointed principal Jactone Ogaga, which led to some students becoming enraged and assaulted them.

They attacked the parents, whom they blamed for creating mayhem and interfering with their studies, with wooden rods and stones.

Ogaga was to formally begin carrying out his responsibilities on Friday after being welcomed into the school on Thursday.

When some parents entered the gate and began screaming and cursing at Ogaga, the drama started.

The deputy director was hurt during the altercation after being struck by a stone.

“Some angry students picked wooden rods, beat and whipped them away. The parents were chased to about 2km from the school,” Ogaga said.

The assistant principal is still receiving treatment at a neighboring hospital.

Students who spoke to media lamented having parents who opposed the school’s advancement.

They claimed that parents dictate the kind of principal and deputy they want through the parents association.

Some students claimed that because the parents were creating trouble, they beat and chased them out of the school.

“There are some parents who don’t want to see this school progress. They always want good teachers to get transferred but for us, we want to get taught and excel in academics,” a student said.

They claimed that the parents entered the school against their will.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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