Plans I have for Kenya won’t be thwarted by Raila – Ruto

According to President William Ruto, opposition protests won’t stop him from advancing his plans for the nation.

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio party, called rallies, but according to Ruto, they won’t get in the way of the nation’s growth.

The President claimed that those organising the protests have negative intentions for the nation while speaking at the National Prayer Day event on Tuesday at Nyayo National Stadium.

“Why are you forgetting about the story of Nehemiah in the bible? There were bad people, people with bad intentions and evil. But they did not stop the wall,” he said.

“Let them do what they are doing. Kenya will go on and God’s will for the people will prevail.”

Religious leaders present at the event criticised the opposition, claiming that the timing of the rallies was inappropriate.

They said that a severe drought was affecting the nation and that the cost of living was too high.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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