Policeman loses rifle after being rendered unconscious

In Busia, suspected burglars broke into police officers’ homes and got away with two radios, a gas cylinder, and a gun.

The incident took place on the Kenya-Uganda border, in Milimani Estate.

One of the victims was rendered unconscious by a spray prior to being robbed.

At around 9:30 on Saturday night, the officer went home. He woke up on Sunday morning to find his room disorganised.

“He woke up with a headache and was feeling dizzy only to realise his suitcase kept near his bed lying on the floor with the clothes scattered all over,” police said.

Afterwards, he discovered that his Czeska pistol and 15 rounds of ammo were missing from his luggage.

He then notified the local police, who on arrival  discovered that the intruders had entered the home through the back door after dousing the room with a sedative.

According to the police, the unidentified intruders also broke into another officer’s servant quarters while he was away.

A search was done in vain at the crime scene. A police dog was dispatched and followed a scent to a feeder road leading into Uganda, but it vanished before it reached the border.

No recovery was made, according to police at the scene, but they are still working to find the suspects.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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