Raila arrives in Nakuru for Azimio rally

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, has arrived in Nakuru, where he will lead a significant anti-government protest in the stronghold of president William Ruto.

Prior to his large-scale march to the State House on Monday, the opposition leader is using the Nakuru gathering to scout out Ruto’s strongholds.

“Touchdown in Nakuru Town! We are all set and ready for today’s People’s Baraza,” Raila tweeted on Thursday.

Raila will address an opposition gathering on the outskirts of Nakuru City, at the Mazembe grounds.

Since losing to Ruto in the presidential race of last year, Raila hasn’t held a public event in Nakuru.

He arrived to a low-key welcome from ODM base leaders as opposed to during the campaigns when he was showered with a multitude.

One of the top Azimio figures following Raila is former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, who is also the head of the DAP-K party.

“Nakuru we come in Peace,” tweeted Wamalwa after arriving in Nakuru.

The last rally Raila will hold before his scheduled protests in Nairobi on Monday is today.

As he gathers steam in preparation for his Monday date with fate, Raila will invade Ruto’s stronghold in Kiambu on Friday for another significant rally.

In a calculated move to give his anti-Ruto campaigns a national face, the ODM leader made last-minute changes to his schedule this week to include stops in Nakuru and Kiambu.

“The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition has made changes to the week’s itinerary ahead of Monday 20th March as follows; Thursday 16th March – Nakuru County; Friday 17th March, Kiambu County,” Azimio said on Tuesday.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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