Sabina Chege defended by Shollei from “unwarranted attacks”

Gladys Boss Shollei, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly, defended newly nominated MP Sabina Chege against what she characterised as an unjustified attack on the MP.

Chege is one of the Jubilee politicians that promised to collaborate with Kenya Kwanza.

The Azimio crew did not take this lightly and labelled the leaders as traitors.

After Chege’s effort and support during the 2022 campaign period, Shollei said it was regretful that the Azimio team was disrespecting Chege in a statement on Tuesday.

It was “appalling,” she continued, that Narc Kenya’s Martha Karua did not speak up despite the obscene statements addressed towards women during the Azimio rallies.

Shollei requested Karua’s assistance in defending other political women.

“At the very least, we ask Hon Martha Karua to put her foot down and refuse this wanton attempt to turn Azimio events into the place women leaders are insulted, demeaned and subjected to mean-spirited name-calling and uncalled-for sexual innuendos,” she said.

“If they can insult their own Deputy Minority Leader Hon Sabina Chege who is the highest-ranking woman leader in Azimio today, one wonders what they are prepared to do to the Proverbial Wanjiku.”

Shollei further criticised Mumias East Peter Salasya’s Sunday comments addressed against Bomet Woman Rep Linet Toto.

She claimed that if such remarks were not stopped, the nation is  moving in the wrong direction.

“We have come too far in the question of Gender Equality in this country, nobody should think we will fold our hands and let them reverse the gains we have made as women to be treated equally and with respect by all Kenyans including our esteemed leaders,” she added.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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