Subcounty administrator detained on allegations of corruption

A subcounty administrator in Embakasi East was detained on Monday by members of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission due to charges of corruption.

Following a complaint made by an engineer and drilling firm owner on February 10, City Inspectorate officers from Embakasi East Ward visited a drilling site in Utawala, leading to the arrest.

According to the complainant, a worker at the drilling site was detained and hauled to the Soweto Police station on suspicion of making an unauthorised water connection.

Later, he was released on a Sh10,000 cash bail and told to appear at the Embakasi offices of Nairobi City County on Monday.

The engineer called the local subcounty administrator after learning of the arrest, and was told to visit his office in Embakasi on Saturday.

Because it was a weekend the engineer chose not to go.

According to information provided to EACC, the employee went to the Embakasi subcounty offices on Monday expecting to be taken to court but was instead requested to pay Sh40,000 by the suspect so the matter could be settled out of court.

The engineer was told of the occurrence by the employee, which prompted him to report the situation to the EACC.

The preliminary investigations conducted by the Commission revealed that the suspect did indeed demand the money, as claimed by the complainant.

When the complainant went to meet the suspect at his office after the findings, a group of detectives went along with him covertly to Embakasi.

The two discussed the bribe during their talk, and following some negotiations, the suspect agreed to accept Sh30,000.

After accepting the money, the Administrator was subsequently detained.

He was taken in for processing and additional inquiries at the Integrity Center.

Currently, the suspect is free on a Sh100,000 cash bail while the investigation is ongoing.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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