Suspects flee a police station with a loaded AK-47 rifle

Two detainees who escaped from a police station in Trans Nzoia with a loaded AK47 rifle are now being sought out by the  police.

Daniel Wanjala and Samuel Wafula were both apprehended at the Shikhendu police station in Kiminini constituency under allegations of cattle theft.

The two were scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, but on Wednesday night, they managed to escape.

The hardwood ceiling was broken, according to the police, and the iron sheet was cut.

According to a police complaint, the two ransacked the report office and shattered the steel box armory before stealing an AK-47 that was loaded with 14 7.6mm rounds.

“They then dashed out unnoticed through the station main door which was not closed,” the police report reads.

To aid with the investigations, the two officers who were on duty when the escape occurred have been taken into custody.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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