Top 10 Features Your ERP Systems Must Have

The Top 10 Features Your ERP System Absolutely Must Have
The Top 10 Features Your ERP System Absolutely Must Have

When it comes to ERP systems, there are some features that are absolutely necessary, and if your system doesn’t offer them, you’ll end up wasting time, money, and resources. Here’s our list of the top 10 features every ERP system absolutely must have.


One of the most important features in an ERP system is flexibility. It’s easy to change the way you do things when the software you’re using is highly adaptable. You want a system that can handle any changes in your business, so it’s crucial that your company’s needs are accounted for by whatever software you choose.


Data security is a major concern for any company, but in the case of an ERP system, it’s absolutely paramount. You don’t want your data to leak out and get into the wrong hands. The best way to protect your data is to have a system that encrypts it so that even if the data is hacked, the hacker can’t decipher what’s inside.

Robust Functionality

Your ERP system is the backbone of your business, so it’s critical that you choose a system that has the features and functionality you need to manage your day-to-day operations. If a system doesn’t have what you need, then you’ll end up spending more time and money on development or hiring an IT professional to customize it for you.


Every business is different, and every company has a different set of needs. Adaptability is one of the most important features your ERP system can offer. If you find yourself changing what you need from your system to meet new demands, an adaptable system will be there for you when the time comes. This gives you the peace of mind that your software will always be meeting the needs of your evolving business.

Ease of Use

In order for the system to be easy to use, it needs to be intuitive and have a user-friendly interface. It should also have features that make your life easier such as automatically generating reports, updating information in real time, and having customizable views.

Company Culture Integration

Companies of all sizes have to stay competitive and work with their employees in order to keep up. That’s why it’s important to integrate company culture into your ERP system; it will help everyone feel like they are part of the same team.

Project Management Capabilities

Maintaining an organized project management system is crucial to any company, and it’s often easier if you use a software that comes with built-in capabilities. Check out the following list of features your ERP system absolutely must have in order to keep track of and manage all aspects of your project or business.

Customer Support

One of the most important features that your ERP system must have is customer support. With so many systems out there, it can be a daunting task to find the one that meets your company’s needs. The more time you spend on research and understand what your company requires in its ERP system, the better chance you will have of choosing one that will work for you. If you’re still not sure which system to choose, look for one with an excellent customer service team who is accessible either by phone or email.

Scalability & Growth Rate Capabilities

An ERP system should be able to grow with your business. It should be able to scale in terms of the number of employees and customers you have, and it should be capable of scaling in terms of the number of different types of products or services you offer.

Easy Accounting Integration

Integrating your accounting software with your ERP system is a crucial component to make the whole process work. It allows you to seamlessly transfer data from one system to the other, and it makes sure that everything is up-to-date. Of course, there are a lot of different options when it comes to accounting integrations, so make sure you find one that best suits your needs.


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