We will follow Raila’s instructions, says Kioni

The Jubilee party has declared its intention to remain in the Azimio la Umoja alliance.

On Friday, Jeremiah Kioni, the party’s secretary general, swore allegiance to the organisation led by Raila Odinga and declared that anything the ODM leader says is definitive.

“We in Jubilee are strong in Azimio and we will continue being strong in Azimio. What Baba tells us to do we will do,” Kioni said at a news conference held at the brand-new Jubilee headquarters in Kileleshwa.

Kioni called the press conference in order to criticise the Kenya Kwanza administration on a number of problems, including taxation and the perceived victimisation of former President Uhuru Kenyatta,.

According to the SG, members of the Nairobi branch of Jubilee have sworn loyalty to Azimio and are prepared to attend all planned Azimio consultative rallies.

“They have led the Jubilee party for the last known number of years and they are still doing it and as they have said they are going to be part and parcel of the Azimio rallies.”

According to Kioni, Kenya Kwanza is using Uhuru as a decoy but is really targeting regular Kenyans by taxing inherited land.

“When you say you want to tax because I was given land by my old man, you may think they are targeting Uhuru, but they are targeting that land you inherited from your grandfather. That’s what they want to tax.

“Kenyans need to know, if there is anything you received in the form of inheritance all the way from your grandfather’s grandfather, that is what they are saying they are going to tax,”  Kioni said.

According to President William Ruto, all Kenyans, regardless of their status, are required to pay taxes.


Written by Brian Mayodi

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